2017 Unified National Championship in Orlando, Florida at the Jujitsu America National Convention interrupted by Hurricane Matthew!

If you've studied Japanese martial arts, you're probably familiar with the term Teki-o. It means adaptation, and speaks to the core resilience and strength found through martial arts. Last weekend's convention proved that martial artists take this talent to heart.

Our carefully planned convention was threatened by an Act of God, Hurricane Mathew, which has claimed over a thousand lives to date. Simply trying to have a convention in the face of Hurricane Mathew, was an ambitious goal. Having a successful convention demonstrates the strength, resilience, adaption, and most importantly the community found within Jujitsu America and the martial arts.

To say everything went wrong would be a massive understatement, to say that everyone went above and beyond the call of duty to insure a fantastic event is also an incredible understatement. Hurricane Mathew prevented the delivery of our mats, so Bob Stines and his students drove three hours each way through the Hurricane to make sure we'd have mats for the competition.

With hundreds of flights canceled, countless participants drove up to 26 hours, in hurricane conditions with little to no sleep (and sometimes  almost no supplies) to attend the convention. Participants drove from Ohio, Pennsylvania, Atlanta, North Carolina, and New York. Others camped in airports until they could get a red eye to the convention.

After their incredible journeys, it was if they'd stumbled into a ghost city. Shops were closed, restaurants and grocery stores were closed, gas stations were closed, and basic necessities were incredibly difficult to find. However, Jujitsu America banded together and made the best of a challenging and frightening situation, pooling supplies, taking care of each other and training.

Unfortunately many people could not make it. An entire Russian entourage led by Nikolay Vasilyev flew into California from Russia for the convention. Unfortunately their decision to visit Professor Bunch, the President of Jujitsu America, led them to being stranded in LA. Their absence was deeply missed.

However, we went ahead with our convention. We found new friendships through mutual hardships, we learned a lot, we managed to have fun even amidst the chaos, and we were able to spend an unprecedented amount of time with the great Professors in attendance. In sum, we had a fabulous Jujitsu America convention with world-class seminars, very successful Kata and Self-Defense tournaments, and a well attended truly Unified National Sport's Jujitsu Tournament. We developed a new kinship with our friends from other organizations. Although integral members of Jujitsu America were trapped across the country, often with vital supplies such as programs, tournament necessities, and certificates, we adapted as best we could. We were awed at the help we received from our East Coast Friends.

The aid we received from Bob Stines, John Del Vecchio, Mike Antonides, David Parrot, Rebekah Nida, Ric Anderton, Earl Devalle, and countless others is truly awe-inspiring.

They rose to the occasion fabulously, cementing and strengthening our inter-organization relationship.

                                                        Rob Gale

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The First National Summit meeting of Sports Jujitsu Organizations on February 27 2016 in Reno Nevada USA

3rd Annual

AKT Sport Jujitsu Classic

Saturday, April 22nd

Olean, NY

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On the 27th of February 2016 a historic summit of sports Jujitsu Organizations took place in Reno Nevada. 

This Coalition of all the Major Sports Jujitsu Organizational Heads was held at the  Nugget Casino. 

They all came together from all parts of the united states from new york to Hawaii.

They Represented a dozen of the major sports jujitsu groups in the US.

This coalition of organizational heads unanimously agreed that the sports jujitsu community needed to unite  and support one another.

by having this coalition of organizations, we can have unifying tournaments both regionally and nationally.

all involved considered the creation of this coalition no less than epic for  Sports jujitsu in the united states.


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